Usually, the first thing people need to know about bankruptcy is what it can do for them and what it cannot. Bankruptcy Law, much of this begins with understanding what are called Dischargeable Debts. That is, determining which of your debts can be discharged — no longer your responsibility — by bankruptcy court order and which ones cannot be.

The attorneys and staff of The Mah Law Office specialize in helping individuals and businesses in the file bankruptcy in the most appropriate ways to discharge debts and help you re-start your financial life.

Does bankruptcy automatically relieve me of all my debts?

Our short answer is, “No, but don’t let that stop you.” When handled well, bankruptcy helps relieve people or companies of some debts and restructure others so that the person or company can once again function in society and participate in the economy. Certain debts, such as secured loans, child support obligations, student loans, and a few others, cannot by discharged automatically. They can often be restructured, however, to make them less of a month-to-month burden.

There are often many debts, however, that can be discharged — such as unsecured credit card debts, medical bills, and others. Once these are discharged and remaining debts are restructured, the hope is that a person who has filed bankruptcy will be able to breathe a moment, then move forward with their financial situation much more manageable.

Do I really need to hire an attorney to file bankruptcy?

You can file bankruptcy and perform many other legal transactions without an attorney. The real question is whether you know every step of the lengthy bankruptcy process well enough to avoid losing assets that you really prefer to hold onto. Nearly every day, we protect our clients’ assets to the full extent allowed by today’s laws throughout the complex bankruptcy process, helping them get the debt relief they not only need, but genuinely deserve. So, yes, we seriously recommend you let an attorney help you with your bankruptcy, and we sincerely hope you choose Mah Law Office.